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  The RunWellEastWest Co., Ltd. was established in 14-01-2013, 2013 defines the main business development prospects for the development of the East-West high-tech products and in-kind trade show in the overall environment
facing the development of foreign trade improved. Should be noted that at the same time, China's foreign trade there was a substantial rebound, largely because of the low base last year, due to the world economic recovery is moving haltingly, positive changes and adverse factors exist, the development of East-West trade still faces many uncertainties and destabilizing factors.
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Economic Recovery

The world economy is expected to continue to recover, but the recovery is not solid yet.

International Market

The international market demands to pick up, but the lack of motivation, protectionism is increasing.

Team Work

Expansion of production range, increasement of market awareness and enhancement for technology development.

Business Enviroment

The overall business environment is improving, but rising costs and other pressures increase.